WinOnX lets you run Microsoft Windows software on an Apple Macintosh computer without buying or installing a copy of the Windows operating system or additional virtualization software.
Just install WinOnX and within two minutes, you are ready to launch your Windows .EXE and .MSI files.


New! Please check out our compatibility database:



Which Programs Work With WinOnX?

WinOnX supports approximately 70 percent of Windows applications thanks to its Wine engine.
Thanks to your feedback, we can provide a short list of the most wanted applications and peripherals:


  • DVD read only
  • USB and network printers

  • Office 2003
  • Office 2007 Home
  • Corel 9

Not yet working (altough we are trying hard to fix this)

  • All applications that do not run on Windows XP
  • All applications that require UTF-8 fonts (i.e. Arabic, Chinese, Cyrillic etc.)
  • All applications that access USB devices or the DVD drive (except read only DVDs and printers)

  • Internet Explorer
  • Office 2010
  • Quicken 2012
As a general rule older Windows apps are more likely to run - or run better - than newer ones on WinOnX.
Full-screen mode and 3D graphic acceleration (especially games) are untested but work for some apps.


How does it work?
WinOnX simply redirects calls from your application to OSX. It is based on the Wine project
Why would I buy WinOnX when I can use Wine for free?
Because running Wine on Mac OS X is big hassle for Mac users who aren't comfortable 1) working with the command line and package management tools or 2) compiling code. WinOnX is an affordable, easy to use alternative to the time-consuming complexities of Wine.
My Windows application is listed in the Wine Application Database. Why doesn't it work with WinOnX?
A few considerations may prevent a listed Windows application from working with WinOnX.
  • First, the version of Wine used to test the Windows application may be newer than the version of Wine used in WinOnX. We update WinOnX regularly, so an app that wouldn't run with an earlier version of WinOnX may run on a later version of WinOnX.
  • Second, some apps listed on the Wine Application Database are not yet supported by WinOnX, including some full-screen apps.
  • Third, significant number of non functional apps work after some DLLs from Microsoft are installed.
    Please download Visual C++ and/or Visual Basic runtime components.
  • Fourth, the Wine Application Database is not 100-percent accurate, and some applications may be listed by mistake.


  • OSX 10.6 (Snow Leopard) or 10.7 (Lion)


Double-click does not start WinOnX. Instead Parallels or another Virtual machine is launched.
The extension .EXE or .MSI is mapped to Parallels. Select your Windows file, press CMD-I, and under "Open with," select WinOnX. Optionally, you can check the box to update all files.
My Windows app does not start or work properly. Is there a way to debug?
Hold down the ALT key when launching a Windows app. This will open a terminal window with more details. Then copy/paste this data onto the bug report

Known Issues

  • Some printers can't be found.
  • It is reported that the application sometimes crashes. We can't reproduce it. Any help on this issue would be greatly appreciated.


For questions and comments please send us your feedback


Wine is published under the LGPL - Patches - Last edited: 2017/12/18